About Us

Professor Philip James

Professor Philip James

In 1982 a small group of patients and carers in Dundee under direction of Professor Philip James, formed a group to use Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment under the umbrella of ARMS - Action and Research for Multiple Sclerosis. ARMS was a small charity set up in London in 1974 which folded in 1991.  The Dundee Centre was renamed MS Therapy Centre (Tayside) Ltd.


We are a small independent Charity, and associated with the MS National Therapy Centres.  We receive no NHS or government funding. We rely soley on donations and fundraising.

Now there are 64 Therapy Centres established in the UK and Ireland based on the pioneering work in  Dundee.

What Does the Centre Offer?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that can affect people in many ways, and to different degrees. At the MS Therapy Centre, you will find a wide range of information, support and therapy sessions that are constructed to make life better for those affected by MS in any way.

The centre offers a variety of therapies, including physiotherapy, reflexology, aromatherapy,  counselling, oxygen therapy and other support groups.

Not only does the centre give support to the people affected by MS, but it also provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone who wants to drop in, even just for a cup of tea and a little chat.


"The MS Therapy Centre in Peddie Street Dundee was begun by five Multiple Sclerosis patients I treated in a pilot study at Fernbrae Hospital. Opening in August 1982 it was the first of now 61 self-help community centres in the UK and Ireland using oxygen treatment to relieve symptoms and reduce progression of the disease. Incorporated in the Care Standards Act 2000, the MS Therapy centres were deregulated in 2008. It has been my privilege to support this outstanding patient-led initiative pioneered in Dundee." 

Professor Philip James